Water of Life – Whisky Charity Event

wol-2016Prominent whisky enthusiast, Matthew Lurin, is hosting the second annual Water of Life whisky charity event next Thursday. If you’re into whisky tastings you should strongly consider attending. All proceeds go towards GIST cancer research. You can taste some amazing whiskies and also support a great cause at the same time. What’s there not to love about this event? All of your favorite brands will be there including big hitters like Ardbeg, Yamazaki, Lagavulin, Macallan and Laphroaig. There will also be a few independent bottlers like Blackladder, SMWS and Single Cask Nation. Whisky Ambassadors at each table will host short sessions with guests while they sample different whiskies, accompanied by food pairings. There will also be raffles that you can enter to win special bottles – all proceeds will go to the charity. If you’re a whisky fan this is an event not to be missed!  Below is more background about the event from the official Water of Life website:

The Water of Life event is an annual whisky fundraiser hosted by Matthew J Lurin MD MBA FACEP CPE (co-founder of the Whisky Nerds). Dr. Lurin is a whisky aficionado whose stepfather is a GIST patient. GIST (Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors) is a group of cancers called soft tissue sarcomas. Sarcomas are a rare type of cancer that can occur in connective tissues, bones, muscles, fat, nerves, blood vessels, and cartilage. This fundraising event will help raise money towards critical research that is dedicated to finding a cure for GIST. To learn more about GIST and the benefiting non-profit organization, The Life Raft Group, please visit: www.liferaftgroup.org

Matthew LurinMatt’s first connection to whisky started at about the time he turned 30. Looking to find a common bond with his stepfather from Edinburgh, the two found a happy medium at Scotch Whisky. He started collecting a variety of Scotches, and through the years and his travels has now amassed a sizable collection. Sitting at over 600 bottles, “Enough till I am 90”, he says, he enjoys hosting events in his garden as an opportunity to share, open, and then later purchase even more. ​

Matt’s stepfather was diagnosed with GIST, a rare cancer, a few years back. He wondered how he could help raise funds and awareness for this disease, and thought of a fundraiser involving whisky, the water of life itself. After debating on different formats, he decided that this event should be unique, and wanted a comfortable environment where folks could both enjoy and learn about what was in their glass. Thus the “Water of Life” was born, and based on the response to year one it’s a welcome addition to the New York Whisky landscape.

Event Details

Date: May 12, 2016

Time: 6:00pm

Location: Midtown Loft – 267 Fifth Avenue 11th Floor, New York, NY 10016 (5th ave between 29th and 30th)

Tickets: Purchase here

Fun fact: The word whisky (or whiskey) comes from the Gaelic uisce/uisge, a shortened version of uisge beatha meaning “water of life,” also known as aqua vitae in Latin. Whisky was originally used as a medicine for both internal anesthetic use and as an external antibiotic.

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