Review: Yamazaki Bourbon Barrel


Every so often Suntory will release a limited release that is slight variation from their award winning lineup. Yamazaki Bourbon Barrel is spirit exclusively aged in first fill bourbon barrels and then bottled at 48.5% ABV. Now you may be thinking, why all the fuss? This can’t be that much different than a Yamazaki 12 yr old. You’d be very wrong in that assessment, this whisky has a personality all of it’s own. The fact that these barrels were specially chosen for this one off release signifies that it must have been a very special batch of barrels since the guys at Suntory use most of their best barrels in their standard offerings.

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Yamazaki’s current cask collection. Hoping to try all of these one day

Tasting Notes

Nose: citrus, freshly squeezed oranges, plum, honey, coconut oil, green apples

Mouth: bright, full bodied, oily coating of lovely flavors, coconut, oranges, peaches, green apples

Finish: long lingering, honey sweetness, slightly bitter citrus

Score: 93/100

Verdict: I have never experienced such distinct flavors in a whisky. I could nose this whisky all day, it’s a delightful mixture of freshly squeezed oranges, plums, honey and green apples. For the first five sips, a new flavor was revealed on the palate in a distinct way. This spirit has plenty of oranges, peaches, green apple and a hint of coconut. Since the palate was so rich in flavor, the finish left a bit to be desired. Suntory has outdone themselves, this is a truly exquisite whisky. Unfortunately, this special release isn’t readily available Stateside, you will have to order from an overseas retailer. I hope that Suntory starts to allocate some of their special releases to the US market in the future.



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