Review: The Exclusive Malts Assortment #2


Read this post for more background on The Exclusive Malts. This post continues my review of old samples from The Exclusive Malts brand.
TEM bunch

Tasting Notes

Invergordon 30 TEMInvergordon 1984, 30 yr, 52.3% abv (TEM)

Nose: sugarcane, corn syrup, lemon rind, hint of honey, vanilla, brown sugar,

Mouth: soft, muddled, earthy, light brown sugar, corn syrup, wheaty spice influence, buttery

Finish: lingers for a while, astringent, caramel, oak spices

Score: 85/100

Verdict: This is a grain whisky and its sure smells like one. There’s loads of sugarcane and corn syrup supplemented by lemon rind, vanilla and a hint of honey. Given the strong nose the whisky is surprisingly soft and buttery on the mouth. There’s an earthy flavor, light brown sugar, and some oak spices. This whisky gets better as the session goes on. The finish lingers for a while with caramel and oak spices. It’s a bit astringent, but adding a few drops of water softens things out. All in all this is a good session whisky.


TEM 23 SpeysideSpeyside 1991, 23yr, 51.3% abv (TEM)

Nose: strawberries, overripe grapes, currants, vanilla

Mouth: gentle, coats mouth nicely, red fruit sweetness, waxy, hints of citrus

Finish: peppery (spicy), honey, lemons

Score: 84/100

Verdict: This whisky looks quite light in color for a 23 year old so I would guess it spent most of it’s time in a bourbon cask. The nose will aim to prove me wrong however as there are loads of strawberries, overripe grapes and currants. The red fruits are balanced by a healthy helping of vanilla. So maybe this whisky spent time in a bourbon cask and a sherry butt. The whisky is gentle for a cask strength whisky. It’s waxy and coats the mouth nicely. There’s rich red fruit sweetness accompanied by hints of citrus. The finish is short – with a punch of pepper, honey and lemons. This is a straightforward whisky that gets the job done. I was expecting more complexity from a 23 yr old and you gave me this whisky blind I would’ve guessed it was in the 12-16 yr range.

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