Review: Speyside 25 Yr 1989 (Exclusive Malts)


Speyside RegionThis whisky is from an undisclosed distillery in the Speyside region which is home to over 50% of all malt whisky distilleries in Scotland. The types of whisky distilled in this region are very diverse and there are no clear giveaways like Islay peat. So without any inside information, it’s nearly impossible to guess where this whisky comes from precisely. It is bottled by Exclusive Malts which is an independent bottling brand owned by The Creative Whisky Co. Founded in 2005, The Creative Whisky Co’s mission was to see out the very best Scotch whisky. Since it’s founding they have bottled whisky from over 85 distilleries and shipped to five continents. David Stirk and his team have been able to bring over five batches of single cask, cask strength whiskies from Scotland. This whisky was distilled in 1989 and bottled 25 years later in 2014. It’s cask strength 48.8% ABV

Tasting Notes

Speyside 25 EM 5Nose: vanilla, grapes, plums, oranges, mangoes, slightly oaky, ginger

Mouth: soft, grapefruit, peppery, butterscotch, orange peels, honey, green grapes

Finish: oaky, peppery, hint of burnt rubber, smooth, honey

Score: 84/100

Verdict: The nose on this whisky is initially very closed up and needs some time to develop. After some time exposed to air, some great fruity characteristics shine¬†through – grapes, plums, oranges and mangoes. There’s also some vanilla and ginger from the oak influence. On the palate the whisky surprises because it’s quite different from the nose. Gone are the sweet fruity flavors and in it’s place are citrus flavors – grapefruit, orange peels, plum skins and unripened grapes. This is a very sour tasting whisky, however there is some butterscotch sweetness as well to balance things out. The texture is very soft and light which some may enjoy, but I tend to like my whiskies more full bodied. The finish is quite oaky with some hints of burnt rubber. I try not to be age-biased whether the whisky is young or old. But this is kind of disappointing for a 25 year old, since it’s relatively unsophisticated and bland. The nose is the best part, but it sort of unwinds from there. This whisky isn’t bad by any means – the nose is definitely redeeming, I just wish the palate and finish followed suit.

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