Review: Ledaig 10


Tobermory Distillery 2See here for in-depth history of Tobermory distillery. Tobermory distillery was founded under the Ledaig name in 1798 by John Sinclair. It wasn’t until 1979, nearly 200 years later, that the distillery was renamed Tobermory. The distillery has a past littered with closings and reopenings. During World War II, the unused distillery buildings were converted into a canteen for marines stationed in the area. Today Burn Stewart Distillers owns and operates the distillery and uses the majority of the whisky in its blends. Only about 15% of the whisky produced is released as in single malt form. They produce three different types of whisky. The unpeated whisky  is the eponymous Tobermory brand. There’s also a heavily peated whisky called Iona which is only available at the distillery shop. The lightly peated whisky is Ledaig and only the ten year old is available Stateside. Ledaig 10 is bottled at 46.3% ABV and is non-chill filtered.

Tasting Notes

Ledaig10yoNose: brine, heather peat, stewed lemons, lime, sea breeze, light smoke

Mouth: peppery, heather peat smoke, honey, vanilla, chalky, toasted almonds, cereal

Finish: peppery, smoke residue, milk chocolate, cereal

Score: 83/100

Verdict: The nose starts off strong with a distinctly briny character paired with heather peat smoke. Behind the gentle smoke veil there are stewed lemons and lime. The nose is similar in some ways to the Tobermory 10 which is produced at the same distillery. Heather peat follows on the palate and is one of the dominant flavors along with pepper, honey, vanilla and toasted almonds. There’s also a very rich cereal maltiness that stays on into the finish. The texture of this whisky is quite chalky but it also manages to round out nicely. Cereal notes, pepper and smoke make up the finish. There’s also hints of milk chocolate which come on about five minutes after the whisky is swallowed. I tried this whisky in the past and didn’t think much of it, but I’m glad I have a bottle of it now to enjoy at my leisure. It’s more complex than I originally thought and has the perfect flavor profile for the summer months.

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