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Laphroaig distillery sunsetLaphroaig Lore was launched on May 1, 2016 as a celebration of over 200 years of whisky making. Distillery manager, John Campbell, created Lore as an ode to how Laphroaig has been made for the last two centuries. Lore is a no age statement (NAS) expression that is a result of liquid drawn from multiple casks including double matured first-fill ex-bourbon barrels, virgin European oak, first-fill oloroso sherry butts, first-fill and refill quarter casks and refill ex-Laphroig stock. While it surely contains whisky as young as three years old it is also said to contain some liquid as old as 21 years. This expression is bottled at 48% ABV. It’s available now at nationwide retailers at a suggested retail price of $124.99. Fans are encouraged to share their opinions via the #OpinionsWelcome campaign.

Tasting NotesLaphroaig Lore

Nose: slightly antiseptic, peat, smoke, burnt rubber, lemon rinds, vanilla, oak spices

Mouth: black pepper, soft mouth feel, lemon citrus, light honey

Finish: black pepper, lingering peat, salty, burnt rubber aftertaste, very smoky, short, cereal notes

Score: 80/100

Verdict: The nose on this whisky is classic Laphroaig – there’s antiseptic scents, smoke, peat and lemon rinds. There’s also hints of vanilla and oak spices undoubtedly from the virgin oak. The mouth feel is surprisingly smooth and soft for a liquid that is 48% ABV. Most will like this texture, but I prefer something a bit more rich and robust from a Laphroaig. Noticeably it lacks the complexity and rich fruitiness that can be found in older Laphroaigs like the 18 year. As for flavor there is loads of black pepper complemented by some lemon citrus and light honey notes. It’s a relatively simple whisky for better or worse. The finish is a bit rough initially with some burnt rubber aftertaste. As the session moved on the finish improved with lingering peat, smoke and cereal notes. Overall I’d say this whisky is a great sipper – it’ll appeal to the more casual whisky drinker who wants something smooth and straightforward. I prefer my Laphroaig’s with a bit more complexity and bite – one of my favorite core expression from any Islay distillery is Laphroaig’s 18 year. Nevertheless, if you’re a Laphroaig fan you should definitely check out Lore.


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