Review: Kilchoman PX Finish (ImpEx Exclusive)


kilchoman-distilleryI have a bunch of Kilchoman samples to review so the weekly whisky review posts continue with another Kilchoman.

See this post for more background on Kilchoman Distillery. It’s no secret that Kilchoman is one of my favorite distilleries in Scotland. They are a small distillery whose expert craftsmanship can be tasted in each bottle. They are also the newest distillery on Islay and they started production in 2005. They started releasing cask matured expressions in 2014. Today we are examining their PX matured expression; the PX stands for the Pedro-Ximenez cask which was used for aging. Pedro-Ximenez is the name of a white Spanish wine grape variety which is used to produce an intensely sweet, dark, dessert sherry. The red fruit sweetness from the PX barrels should provide a nice counterpoint to the smoky and spice-filled character of Kilchoman’s spirit. This release is an ImPex Exclusive and was bottled at 59.2% ABV.

Tasting Notes

kilchoman pxNose: dried cherries, prunes, peat, smoky beef jerky, lime, coffee beans

Mouth: fiery, peppery, thick, salty, sherried red fruits, citrus, cloves, mossy peat

Finish: sweet peat, burnt rubber, smoky, lime rind, roasted coffee

Score: 85/100

Verdict: There’s loads of dried cherries and prunes accompanied by smoky beef jerky on the nose. There’s also a hint of roasted coffee beans aroma underneath the initial scents. This whisky is fiery on the mouth with quite a bit of peppery spice. It’s savory also, like when you take a big bite out of a stick of beef jerky. The finish is peppery with traces of burnt rubber, smoke, lime rinds and roasted coffee. This dram’s flavor profile is very similar to Laphroaig Cairdeas 2013 which was port cask aged. I don’t think this whisky is as balanced as some of Kilchoman’s other special cask releases. For whatever reason it seems the PX cask infused a bit of burnt rubber flavors into the whisky. Nevertheless the underlying quality of Kilchoman can be tasted beneath the initial splash of PX sherried red fruits flavor. This is a cool cask experiment and I can’t wait to taste more of Kilchoman’s special cask releases!


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