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Midleton Distillery 3See this post¬†for in-depth history on Midleton Distillery. On March 1, 2014 Midleton Distillery is releasing a non-age statement (NAS) single pot still whiskey named Green Spot to the US market for the first time. It’s a limited release with only 12,000 bottle produced each year. Dating to 1887, and originally bottled for Mitchell & Sons, Green spot is comprised of pot still whiskey between seven and ten years old. Maturation takes place in a combination of ex-bourbon (75%) and ex-sherry casks (25%). The term “Green Spot” refers to a Mitchell & Sons family tradition of marking barrels of maturing whiskey with paint to indicate their age. They used to sell Green, Yellow, Red and Blue Spot whiskies but only Green and Yellow remain today. Due to it’s scarcity, Green Spot has a cult following and is well loved in Dublin. It’s quite exciting that Pernod Ricard (parent company of Midleton Distillery) has decided to bring this single pot still whiskey to the US market. This dram is an entry level single pot still whiskey which means it is made from unmalted barley and malted barley then distilled (triple distilled in this case) in a pot still. It’s chill-filtered and bottled at 40% ABV.

Tasting Notes

Green Spot Whiskey USNose: butterscotch, citrus, pine, oak spices, green apple skins, vanilla, toasted nuts

Mouth: pillowy soft, light, fruity, green apples, mildly spicy, buttery, plums, apricot

Finish: cinnamon spice up front, softens out quickly, short

Score: 83/100

Verdict: The nose is fantastic! There’s butterscotch, citrus, pine, oak spice, green apple skins, vanilla and toasted nuts. It’s a very appealing scent that is fresh and light. This spirit has a buttery quality to it and it’s pillowy soft. Most of that can be attributed to the 40% ABV which makes it very easy to sip. The palate is fruity with green apples, plums and apricot. Eventually the fruit gives way to a mild black pepper spice. Before we move on I’d like to say that the nose and mouth were quite good and I can understand why this whisky is so beloved by critics. I really think this whisky would be amazing at cask strength, the palate is a bit too soft for my liking and I felt that it lacked punch. The finish starts out with a burst of cinnamon then softens out quickly. As with most younger whisky the finish is quite short and leaves much to be desired. For those that are unfamiliar with single pot still whiskey, I’d recommend starting here then moving your way up to the Redbreast range. The Green Spot qualifies as a highly enjoyable everyday sipper with a pleasant fruity flavor.

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