Review: Deveron 12


MacDuff DistilleryDeveron is a range of whisky distilled at little known Macduff distillery in the Highland region. One of the youngest distilleries in Scotland, Macduff was established in 1962. The founding partners Brodie Hepburn, George Crawford and Marty Dyke were from Deanston and Tullibardine. The distillery seemed to have an identity crisis throughout it’s early years and their name fluctuated between Glen Deveron and Macduff. In 1992 the distillery was purchased by Barcadi who put their subsidiary John Dewar & Sons in charge of operations. The spirit produced at Macduff is commonly included in Dewar’s blends which is why you may have never heard of the Deveron single malt. At the end of last year John Dewar & Sons made a new push to release a single malt ranged dubbed ‘The Deveron.’ This range of expressions includes a 10 year, 12 year and 18 year all bottled at 40% ABV. Only the 12 and 18 year old are available Stateside. Without further delay let’s find out what The Deveron is all about!

Tasting Notes

Deveron 12Nose: green apple jolly rancher, mango, pineapple, sweet oranges, vanilla

Mouth: very soft, orange citrus, light honey, some oak spice, brown sugar, green apple

Finish: smooth, green apple, oak spice remains on tongue, not the greatest aftertaste, light honey

Score: 79/100

Verdict: The nose is quite pleasant with loads of green apple followed by mango, pineapple, sweet oranges and vanilla. It really smelled like a tropical fruit smoothie and got my attention right off the bat. As expected for a whisky that is bottled at 40% ABV, the spirit is very soft and supple on the mouth. There’s a heavy helping of ripe oranges, light honey, brown sugar and some oak spice. There’s also a bit of green apple in the background that is probably reminiscent of the nose. The finish is very smooth and mellow with green apple flavors and some oak spice that remains on the tongue. It’s a bit dry and rough after the initial flavor fades. Overall the nose and mouth are pretty good, but the finish leaves much to be desired. I really wish they would bottle this at 46% ABV so that the flavors can really shine through. Nevertheless it’s always exciting to try a new single malt that is relatively unknown.

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