Q&A with Glen Moray Brand Ambassador

This is a Q&A with Glen Moray’s brand ambassador – Jordan Davis.

distillery 4Glen Moray is relatively new to the US market. Please briefly introduce the brand and the core range.
Jordan: The Glen Moray Distillery sits in the heart of the Speyside region of Scotland, in the small town of Elgin.  We produce whiskies which are bright, clean, crisp, interesting and complex.  Most Glen Moray whiskies are unpeated, allowing the brand to be a great introductory malt, or a lighter alternative for seasoned connoisseurs.

The Glen Moray portfolio is best represented by three ranges: Classic Range, Heritage Range, Reserve Range.  Glen Moray is a brand which remains rooted in tradition, but also celebrates creativity and innovation.  The Classic Range stays true to the “house style” and also celebrates the creativity of our Master Distiller Graham Coull.  The range starts with the Glen Moray Classic, aged for 6-7 years in North American ex-Bourbon barrels.  From there, each of the Classic range expressions are based upon that SKU and incorporate a variety of different 12-month finishes or production styles.  Available in this range are: Classic, Classic Port Cask Finish, Classic Chardonnay Cask Finish, Classic Peated.

The Glen Moray Heritage Range welcomes the age statements into our portfolio. The 12 Year Old is the flagship of the Glen Moray brand and represents over half of the business in the US. Aged for all 12 Years in North American ex-Bourbon barrels, the Glen Moray 12 Year is excellently balanced between the wood influence, while keeping the bright, slightly sweet nature of the Speyside malt whisky.  New to the range is the Glen Moray 15 Year, aged in North American ex-Bourbon barrels and Oloroso Sherry casks.  The Glen Moray 18 Year is aged in North American ex-Bourbon barrels, non-chill filtered, and presented at “cask strength”.

The Glen Moray Reserve Range is represented currently by the 25 Year Old.  This luxurious ruby-tinted whisky sees 23 years in North American ex-Bourbon barrels and a 2 year finish in Port casks. Approximately 200 cases are available annually in the US.


How long has Glen Moray been available in the States and why was it the right time to launch Glen Moray in the US market?
J: The Glen Moray distillery is celebrating their 120th Anniversary this year, but has been in the US for about 6 years.  The landscape was such with the “brown goods boom” and the rise of American whisky, that the timing and demand from the American consumer was right.  As American consumers have become more experienced with American whiskies, they are also expanding their selections into Single Malt Scotch as well.

What are the primary characteristics of a Glen Moray whisky? What makes their spirit unique?
J: Glen Moray’s whiskies are mostly unpeated (with the exception of the Classic Peated) and are crisp, bright and slightly sweet on the finish.  They present a light-to-medium bodied, balanced, easy-drinking malt.

GM_12YO_PACKWhat are your personal favorites in the core range and why?
J: Of course, this is like asking someone to choose a favorite child, but there are a few standouts for different reasons! As the flagship of the brand, I always recommend the Glen Moray 12 Year Old.  This is an excellent representation of the Glen Moray “style” and the stamp they put on the industry. It is both complex, and delicate, which is a very difficult balance to attain.

Another interesting offering from Glen Moray is the Classic Port Cask Finish.  It sees 6-7 years in ex-Bourbon barrels and a 12 month Port cask finish, giving it a delicate malt characteristic paired with notes of dried fruits, dark cocoa and subtle toffee.  The versatility of this SKU is where it shines: sip it by the dram, an addition to a malt flight, or for use in craft cocktails.

Here at NYLW, I love to hear about the history of the distillery. What’s Glen Moray’s story?
J: The Glen Moray Distillery actually began as a brewery before evolving into a distillery in 1897.  They have been producing the finest Single Malts for 120 years, expanding and evolving along the way.  The current Master Distiller is the 5th in the history of the Glen Moray distillery, showing that the staff is very loyal and much like a family.

I refer you to the new Glen Moray Experience videos on www.glenmoray.com for more information.

Anything else you’d like people to know about Glen Moray? Also where can people find Glen Moray on shelves or at a bar in NYC?
J: Right now Glen Moray is not as widely distributed as I’d like. But I’m here in NYC to change that! Below is a quick list of stores in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.  But if you want a bottle, just ask your local retailer and they can get it to you in no time at all!

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