Pause for Ginger Beer: Pickett’s

Pickett'sWho doesn’t like ginger beer? It’s one of my favorite beverages to request to be mixed into a cocktail. I had no idea ginger beer could be made at home quite simply with a syrup. Pickett’s gives you that option if you pick up one of their magical ginger beer syrup concoctions. The story of the Pickett Brothers started with their childhood. They were raised in the golden era of the cocktail, so it was no surprise that ended up in the spirits industry. The oldest brother, Jim, has been in working in the NYC beer, spirits and wine industry for nearly twenty years. He’s been involved in marketing for many prominent brands. The second eldest brother, Bob, is a Great American Beer Fest (GABF) award winning brewer. Finally the youngest brother, Matt, is a lifestyle blogger and quality analyst. Together they founded the Pickett Brother Beverage company based in Brooklyn. They have branded themselves as a natural soda and syrup company aimed at the cocktail industry.

I had the pleasure of sampling two of their ginger beer syrup products recently. It’s super easy to mix the syrup with soda water – the recommended ratio is 5 parts soda water, 1 part syrup. However, you can play around with the ratio and adjust the taste to your liking. Currently they’re offering a Medium Spicy spirit dubbed “Pickett’s #1” and a Hot N’ Spicy edition dubbed “Pickett’s #3.” Both products are available for purchase on amazon and they even have the prime shipping option. If you’re hosting a cocktail party some time soon at home, definitely consider picking up one of these bad boys to wow your friends.

Tasting Notes

Pickett's 2#1 Medium Spicy

Nose: citrus, sweet syrup

Mouth:  ginger, lemons, very sweet, spicy

Finish: spice hits back of throat and roof of mouth

Verdict: Delicious to drink on it’s own as a refreshment or with a meal. If you like ginger beer then you’ll love this classic. It has the perfect balance of spice, sweetness and citrus. This would be great base to mix into cocktails.


Pickett's 3#3 Hot N’ Spicy

Nose: sweet syrup, heavy ginger spice

Mouth: strong ginger, hot, some syrup sweetness

Finish: sinus clearing ginger spice

Verdict: This is an amazingly powerful ginger beer. I love this by itself without mixing. It’s also good with a squeeze of lime. I’m not sure it’s the best for mixing since it’s so powerful, but I’m not a mixologist so what do I know? I’d drink this neat every time and I’d mix #1 into a cocktail. Both of these are great do-it-yourself ginger beer options.

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