Pause for Beer: Innis & Gunn New Releases


Dougal SharpSee this post for the history of Innis & Gunn. My favorite beer brewery, Innis & Gunn, has just released two new beers to the US market. The Scottish Porter is a seasonal release and the Bourbon Stout is a limited edition. Unfortunately the Bourbon Stout is already sold out, so be sure to act fast next time they release a bourbon aged beer. The Edinburgh based brewery is known for their oak aged beers. They use an innovative device called an Oakerator to age the majority of their beers. The Oakerator is essentially a giant coffee percolator in which they add oak wood chips and the fermented beer. The result is an unique oak matured beer that is steadily gaining notoriety in the US. The Bourbon Stout has been made exclusively for the US and is not available in any other country. It is sold in a 660ml bottle and is a red stout brewed from Innis & Gunn ale malt, rye crystal, roast barley and wheat. If you by chance stumble upon a bottle, be sure to snatch it up before it’s gone. The Scottish Porter is an award-winning seasonal release. It earned a silver medal at the World Beer Championships in 2012. The porter has been adapted from a historic Scottish beer recipe that mixes molasses for depth and richness. It’s perfect for the winter months.

Tasting Notes

Innis & Gunn Bourbon StoutScottish Porter – 7.4% ABV, matured for 39 days over bourbon-infused oak. The nose is almost like a rum with a healthy helping of brown sugar notes and burnt sugar (molasses). On the palate there’s rich maltiness, brown sugar, chocolate and almonds. The hops comes in at the end to add a counter bitter note to balance the sugary sweetness. This is the perfect ale for the Autumn and Winter months.

Bourbon Stout – 7.4% ABV, matured over bourbon-infused oak. The nose is full of roasted chestnuts and cereal notes. On the mouth, there’s a nice coffee flavor with vanilla and chocolate. It has just the right amount of soft hop bitterness to balance the sweet maltiness. I won’t pretend to know much about beer, but this is quite a stunner. For a special treat drink this side-by-side with your favorite bourbon. My choice is Four Roses Small Batch.

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