New Releases: Exclusive Malts Batch #5

One of the most prominent independent bottling companies, Creative Whisky, is releasing another batch of their Exclusive Malts line to the US market. These malts are hand picked by founder David Stirk who is known far and wide in the whisky industry. There will be six single malt expressions and one special blend. The whiskies hail from three popular Scotland regions: Highlands, Speyside and Islay. Eventually I’ll review each one of the single malt releases in this batch. In the mean time, check out these reviews for Exclusive Malts batch #4. Glencadam 22 yrBladnoch 21 yrBowmore 12 yrNorth Highland 17 yr and Linkwood 14 yr.

Exclusive Malts Batch #5

Preview of Batch #5

Ardmore 14

(the following descriptions are official press release notes)

There was a time when all of the malt whisky made in Scotland was made using barley that had been dried over a peat fire meaning the whisky was smoky. While this tradition slowly diminished with the production of coal, there are a few distilleries that continue to produce smoky on the mainland. Ardmore is one such distillery and this heavily peated expression is a real lesson in the history of Scotch whisky.



Bowmore 12The Isle of Islay is famed for its richly-flavored malt whisky distilleries. The whisky in this bottle was distilled at the Bowmore Distillery, the heart of the Isle of Islay and is a full-bodied, rich and smoky affair having spent 12 years in a refill ex-Sherry butt.





Dalmore 18Dalmore Distillery is situated in the North Highlands on the edge of the Dornoch Firth. It is a rugged area of Scotland, full of mystique and charm yet the people are always warm and friendly. Expect the same from this cask aged 18 years in a refill oak hogshead. It is a rugged whisky, full of Highland charm but very warming.





Glenrothes 18Glenrothes Distillery is at the heart of the town with the same name. The whisky has been prized by blenders for over a century and by malt whisky drinkers when they could find it. It is now quite commonly available although single cask bottlings are getting rarer to find. This cask demonstrates all of the reasons that make Glenrothes so prized.





tobermoryWith youth on its side, this cask demonstrates all that is great about heavily-peated Scotch malt whisky. Taken from a distillery not normally associated with peaty whisky, this cask is full of smoke, seaweed and the smells of the Isle of Mull. A brute of a whisky bottled before time dulled its full powers.





This single barrel of malt whisky is taken from a seSpeyside 25cret distillery in Speyside. Famed for its honey-richness and soft fruits, this cask does not disappoint with an added layer of vanilla in the finish. A classic cask from a classic distillery – sip and savor all of its 25 years.

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