New Release: Kilchoman 2007 Vintage

Set to be released October 7th, Kilchoman’s 2007 Vintage will be a vatting of six year old bourbon barrels. This will be the oldest single malt release to date for the young Islay distillery. 2007 Vintage will be a limited edition release with approximately 10,000 bottles worldwide retailing at £51.60.

Kilchoman is one of my favorite distilleries. Even though their whisky is young, their technique and craft is top notch which has resulted in some seriously delicious whisky. The way I see it, I’d rather drink well crafted young whisky than old poorly made whisky. For those of us who are Kilchoman fans, this will be a great opportunity to see the evolution of this single malt as a six year old. Compared to the 2006 Vintage, we should start to see the flavors mature and become more complex. No word yet on when this will make it Stateside, but I reckon it may take six to nine months from the UK release. Keep your eyes out for this limited edition release.

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