Impressions From Whisky Jewbilee 2014

The boys of Jewish Whisky Company put on amazing grand tasting event this past week. A clean, airy and picturesque venue really upped the ante and classiness of this years’ event. Studio 450 was the site of Whisky Jewbilee this year and it’s sweeping views of the City combined with the general airiness really made this event memorable. In addition to 250+ whiskies, there was also cigars and a full kosher buffet. If you’ve never attended Whisky Jewbilee, I highly advise that you do in 2015. This is one of the best grand tasting events in NYC because of it’s intimacy. Josh, Jason and Seth, founders of Jewish Whisky Company, have fine tuned the minuscule details of a grand whisky tasting.

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Favorite Whiskies From the Event in no particular order

Kavalan ConcertmasterBowmore 25
Octomore 6.1
Blackadder Strathmill 23
Kavalan Concertmaster
Hibiki 21
Hibiki 17
Chieftain’s Glentauchers 20

Kavalan is the newest foreign single malt to make it to the US market. The distillery is located in Taiwan and they’re producing amazing juice out there. Kavalan ‘Solist’ Sherry Cask 2013 was awarded the prestigious Malt Maniacs ‘Supreme Winner’ award in the Premium Category. It was a pleasure to try three Kavalan expressions at the event. Unfortunately the Solist series hasn’t made it’s way to NYC yet due to the State’s outdated whisky-related approval process. Eventually the Solist series will make it’s way here and I’ll be first in line to try it.

Following tradition, the Jewish Whisky Company launched a special festival bottling for the event. This year it was a High West collaborative American Blend. It’s a blending of three whiskies from High West: 12 year Light Whiskey, 8 year straight bourbon whiskey and 6 year straight rye whiskey. The exact percentages of each whiskey are a well kept secret. It’s a robust whiskey which has plenty of rye spices, cherry and orange peels on the palate. I believe the limited release was completely sold out within a few hours of the event. All in all, the event was a booming success. I can’t wait to see what improvements they make next year.

Whisky Jewbilee 2014

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