Auchentoshan American Oak Launch

I had the pleasure of attending the Auchentoshan American Oak Launch in NYC last night. This event was unlike any other whisky event I’ve been to. First of it was held in an art studio specializing in textiles. Ribs, beef brisket sandwiches and endless plates of appetizers, compliments of Delaney BBQ, kept guests satiated¬†throughout the evening. They also had a screen printing station so that guests could press custom Auchentoshan t-shirts.

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Very clever and creative indeed. Oh and of course there was whisky, plenty of whisky. The American Oak was the focal point of the event and Robin Nance, an expert mixologist, created three unique cocktails with the new spirit. Masa, the bartender for the event, was generously refilling people’s Auchentoshan tumblers throughout the evening. Additionally we were able to sample the American Oak neat. So what does it taste like? I’ll post a full review in the near future, but for now I’ll just say I got tons of vanilla and milk chocolate on the palate. The cherry on top was access to the rest of Auchentoshan’s range: Virgin Oak, 12 year, 18 year, Triple Wood and the 21 year. There was more than enough whisky to go around for the lucky attendees. Auchentoshan American Oak officially launches next week in the States. Look for it in stores near you!

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A special thank you to Manuela and team of Savona communications and Philip Pepperdine (Morrison Bowmore Distillers single Malt Specialist) for putting on a fantastic whisky launch event.

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